Purpose Behind Hidden Talent


Hidden Talent strives to discover and showcase unknown and emerging artists by providing a safe, inclusive environment for growth fulfillment and success.

Through community engagement and a long-term commitment to our artists, we bring together motivated artists and people who appreciate and respect art for the joy it brings today, and what it may bring tomorrow.

Meet Lorrie Staggs


Lorrie opened Hidden Talent Fine Art & Restoration in 2021 to have a space to show off new and/or unknown (AKA hidden) artists.

Lorrie herself has been in the art world since she was a toddler, watching and learning from her grandmother. You could say it’s in her DNA. Not only has she been admiring and creating work for her entire life, she’s made it her livelihood to make art better. Whether that means critiquing work for a new artist to help them improve, or restoring damaged artwork from centuries past.

With a degree in Conservation and Restoration Science from SUNY – Buffalo, an extension of State University New York, she has been restoring artwork for 30+ years. She’s worked on Monet’s, Picasso’s, Italian carousels (check out the West End Park in Downtown Fort Smith), and so much more.


Lorrie’s Favorites


    • Monet
    • Rebrandt
    • Klein
    • Georgia O’Keeffe
    • Dali

    Restoration Projects

    • Cleaning dirty paintings
    • Repairing torn canvas


      • Acrylic

      Recent Restorations

      • Carousel at West End Park
      • R ‘n’ R Curry mural
      • Gainsborough Dupont
      • Kintsugi ceramic set

      What People Are Saying

      Great selection of original art. Friendly staff. Excellent restoration services.

      Jimmy Leach

      The folks at this gallery accepted me and my art with open arms. They made me feel like like I belonged. I highly recommend this wonderful gallery to both artists and collectors. Stop in and visit with Lorrie, you will be treated like a long lost friend.

      Donnie Poindexter

      It is a new concept in art galleries. The soft opening was outstanding! So much great art in one space! And the reception was like a reunion of old friends! Way to go! Keep it up!

      Jeanette Foreman


      14 North 3rd Street
      Fort Smith, AR 72901
      (479) 769-2813

      Open Hours

      Mon: By Appointment Only
      Tue-Sat:  10 am - 5 pm
      Sun & Holidays: Closed